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Step into my world of vibrant photography, exciting travels, and uplifting positivity!
photographer in italy venice milan florence tuscany anastasiia romashovaI am Anastasiia, a professional photographer in Italy, bringing joy to my clients since 2017.
My photography style is timeless, elegant, and radiant. Our sessions encompass not only capturing stunning images but also immersing in the Italian dolce vita, embracing the art of hedonism, and savoring life's pleasures.
My photography journey began spontaneously, driven by a passion for capturing moments and being captured in them, just for fun.
I remain the same ENTHUSIASTIC individual who revels in exploring beautiful locales, revealing their beauty to remarkable people, and seizing the genuine moments of their happiness along the way.
Yes, it sounds like a dream profession: work hardly feels like work!
My friends often joke that I get paid for having a great time, traveling, and enjoying wine with clients post-photoshoots. I certainly can't complain.
As time has progressed, I've grown as a professional, and today, I collaborate with celebrities, bloggers, and anyone seeking a bespoke photographic encounter.

I specialize in offering proposal, engagement, elopement, honeymoon, couple, individual, and family photoshoots in Venice.
I craft personalized photoshoot concepts to narrate your unique story.


  1. Outdoor professional photography of COUPLES, FAMILIES, and WOMEN across Italy for everlasting souvenirs;
  2. Unconventional PROPOSAL planning and photography in Italy to astound your beloved.


🔸My sunny and affable nature puts them at ease, allowing them to thoroughly enjoy the experience;
🔸I am discerning with clients, emphasizing shared feelings, similar tastes, and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING for a fruitful photoshoot;
🔸I provide guidance on POISING for photographs, which proves invaluable for everyday life as well;
🔸I offer direction on NAVIGATING the Photoshoot;
🔸I am meticulous in curating the OUTFITS to ensure a stunning look (blame it on my Fashion & Luxury Master's degree);
🔸My photography and editing skills surpass the norm, a result of consistent education investment each month;
🔸I ensure QUICK delivery of photos and reels, knowing that waiting for months is no longer acceptable;
🔸Your private gallery remains accessible indefinitely, with the opportunity for you to SELECT your photos for editing, ensuring your satisfaction;
🔸My passion for my craft is palpable, and my energy radiates right from our initial interactions;
🔸I curate EXCLUSIVE tailor-made Photo Experiences, working toward the outcome YOU envision.

It's more than just a photoshoot!
Get in touch to embark on the best experience of your year!

Anastasiia Romashova



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